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Hello and welcome to my webpage! My name is Amber, I'm an ecstatic escort located in Melbourne, Australia. 

London Touring Contact Update

I've arrived in London and have finally settled in. Wow, the escort scene here is crazy and I'm having a little trouble getting established as an independent escort here. Because of this I've made the decision to associate with an escort agency. I can still be booked through this site but I'm also available on Taylor's Elite Escorts under the touring section. Going through their site will be the easiest way to see me while I'm in London. Thanks@! 

GFE For the New Era


A lot of people talk about GFE and the girlfriend experience. What does it mean? What should a punter expect and how should an escort who advertises herself as a GFE act? These are all very difficult questions. Ones that have baffled the best minds in the industry for decades and ones that scholars and intelluctuals the world over spend their time debating and dissecting. 

Wait. No they're not. The answer to these questions is super simple and straightforward and just takes a little professionalism, charisma and flexibility to answer. 

  • What Does It Mean - duh, it means GirlFirend experience. On a deeper level. It means that when you spend time with a woman who touts herself as a GFE you should expect to be treated as if your with your girlfriends. "Does that mean she's going to get on my case about cleaning up the kitchen, organizing my closet and closing the toilet seat?" Um, I can see why you asked that but the answer is emphatically no. The girlfriend experience that I offer refers to the early stages of a relationship with your girlfriend not the slog that every romantic relationship eventually becomes and what most blokes seek out an escort in the first place to take a break from. 
  • What Should A punter expect? When making a booking with me - or any other independent escort who claims to be a GFE - a gentleman should expect more than just the down a dirty. He should expect a level of personal service that he can't find anywhere else. Does your girlfriend stare at her clock and start to get annoyed when you've been together for 50 minutes? No. Good, she sounds like a keeper. And so is the escort who doesn't make you feel rushed or pressured or like you're just another cog in her money making machine. While you most certainly be respectful of my time, don't feel pressured to finish everything in exact 60 minute intervals. It doesn't work that way with me. I almost never have multiple bookings on the same day and absolutely never one right after the other so you never have to worry that the next guy will come crashing down the door just as we're getting comfortable. 

Australia Summer Touring Dates

It's that time of year when I get the wonderlust and can't wait to go visit my friends in other parts of the country. This year I'll be traveling a lot and already have a number requests. If your city isn't on the list below then please use my Email me  and politely ask if I can bring my GFE goodness to your city. 

Syndey Tour Dates

How would you like to spend an evening with me, exploring our naughty sides, right on the Sydney Harbour? It's possilbe because I've booked two weeks at the world famous Shangri-La Hotels (check out the views!!) this May and I can't wait to meet you there. 

Moving To London For Six Months

The time has come my loyal friends. I'm getting off this island and heading to a smaller one. My move to London has been in the works for some time and while I'm going to really miss all the lovers and friends I've made here, it was time for this to happen. Don't worry though, I'm not retiring from the business and I will gladly see - and maybe give a big discount to - any of my Australian regulars who'd like to fly out and get naughty together in London. I've heard that the market is really crowded there and super hard for an independent escort so I'm debating about joining an agency. But which one? I've heard good reviews of this London Agency, but they seem to only specialize in English escorts, but I'm australian maybe that's close enough. I'll let you know my final plans once they are, well, final. In the mean time it's off to packing and getting my passport photos taken. 


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